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Naperville, IL Goat Yoga Classes

Goat Yoga Chicago near Naperville, IL is proud to be the premier goat yoga company in the Chicagoland area.  Classes include 30 minutes of yoga taught by a certified yoga instructor and 30 minutes of free time where you can pet the goats, take photos and relax in the goat pasture (weather permitting) or our indoor studio. There's a reason our clients travel from far and wide to take part in one of our classes.  It's because our staff goes the extra mile to provide the best goat yoga experience for all of our guests.  And it's in our goats' nature to be loving and easy going.  They make it easy to leave your worries at the door and be present in the moment. Check out our goat yoga schedule to book your next class!


Looking for a unique experience for your next special event? Contact Goat Yoga Chicago near Naperville, IL.  We'll take your event by the reins and make it a memorable experience for all involved!  No event is too big or small for Goat Yoga Chicago.  Team Building Goat Yoga near Naperville, IL, Corporate Event near Naperville, IL, Bachelorette Party Goat Yoga near Naperville, IL, Bridal Shower Goat Yoga near Naperville, IL, Birthday Party Goat Yoga near Naperville, IL, Holiday Party Goat Yoga near Naperville, Illinois, Girl's Night Out near Naperville, IL, Special Recreation near Naperville, IL, Senior Care Center Goats without Yoga near Naperville, IL, Traveling Goat Yoga near Naperville, IL, Private Goat Yoga Session near Naperville, Illinois. Whatever the occasion, Goat Yoga Chicago near Naperville, Illinois is here for you!  Contact us for more information.

Private Events


Goat Yoga near Naperville, IL

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